Sunday, April 26, 2009

Word Meaniong

Q-1 Xanthochroia
(a) One who wrings (b) Yellow discoloration of skin
(c) A fold (d) Shrunk
Q-2 Xanthous
(a) Yellowish (b) A legal document
(c) A manuscript (d) Incorrect
Q-3 Xantippe
(a) Injustice (b) A Shrew
(c) Injurious (d) of write
Q-4 Xenium
(a) Joined like a vertebrae (b) Wrathful
(c) A picture of still (d) Twisted
Q-5 Xenomenia
(a) Cross fertilization (b) Supplemen tary menstruation
(c) A crutch (d) A narrow lane
Q-6 Xenon
(a) A book (b) Woodpecker
(c) A chemical element (d) Hackney carriage
Q-7 Xeromyrum
(a) Opening when dried (b) Dry ointment
(c) Dry collyrium (d) Morbid dryness of skin
Q-8 Xerophilous
(a) Submarine telegraph (b) Catechu
(c) Loving dryness (d) To boast
Q-9 Xerophytic
(a) Leafless plant (b) Corpse like
(c) Behaving badly (d) Suitable for dry conditions
Q-10 Xcrotribia
(a) Dryness of skin (b) Dry friction
(c) A pleasure-carriage (d) To arrange
Q-11 Xyanthrax
(a) To racking (b) A kind of marigold
(c) Wood coal (d) Burning
Q-12 Xylocarp
(a) Weeks (b) Occasion
(c) A dervish (d) Fresh
Q-13 Xylographer
(a) Wood engraving (b) One who engraves on wood
(c) Broad rest narrow (d) A calm manner
Q-14 Xylography
(a) Impartial (b) Duct for food
(c) The art of engraving on wood
(d) Porous
Q-15 Xyloidine
(a) An explosive similar to gun cotton
(b) Like wood (c) Like a crab
(d) A walking stick
Q-16 Xylonite
(a) Wood oil (b) Corrupting influence
(c) A kind of celluloid (d) Ill natured
Q-17 Xylophagus
(a) Woody tissue (b) To bombard
(c) Legally (d) Feeding on
Q-18 Xylopilous
(a) Feeding on wood (b) Undevlopment faculty
(c) To put cap on (d) Roomy
Q-19 Xylopia
(a) Hair-like (b) A kind of American
(c) Holding power (d) Chief principal
Q-20 Xylopygraphy
(a) Inconstant (b) Rotten
(c) Poker painting (d) Sensual
Q-21 Xiphioid
(a) Joyous song (b) Pertaining to the sword fish
(c) Occurrence (d) Dryness of skin
Q-22 Xanthic
(a) Quickness (b) Heavenly
(c) Fault finding (d) Pertaining to the yellow
Q-23 Xema
(a) A genus of forktailed (b) Reprimand
(c) A waist belt (d) Pertaining to census
Q-24 Xenodochy
(a) A room for guests (b) Reception of guests
(c) Without centre (d) The middle point
Q-25 Xerantic
(a) Without centre (b) To grasp mentally
(c) Drying (d) Estimate

1 b
2 a
3 b
4 c
5 d
6 c
7 b
8 c
9 d
10 b
11 c
12 d
13 b
14 c
15 a
16 c
17 d
18 a
19 b
20 c
21 b
22 d
23 a
24 b
25 c